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Excite your senses, use a Percolator

There is really nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee produced with a percolator. Especially when you do this on a lazy weekend morning, preferably with the sun rays coming in through your window and a newspaper awaiting you on the table.

How to: Grind your favorite coffee beans (we suggest "de Koffiebende" mélange for this). Use 8gr. per cup. Put this in the percolator, you do not need to press this. Fill the lower part of the percolator with water. Not higher than the pressure valve. Put it all together on a stove on the lowest level. The first moment you hear the water boiling, turn off the fire. The coffee will keep on going up through the percolator because of the overpressure. (If you cook the percolator on a high level or for a longer time, the coffee is going to taste more sourish).

The espresso which you are about to drink is, according to us, just as tasteful as the smell of the freshly brewed coffee which will fill up the air in your sunny home. Probably your beautiful wife will come down and give you a big kiss because this also gives her a perfect pleasant start of her weekend.

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