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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes coffee from the Coffee Smugglers so special?
    2 Main Reasons 1. Get together Our coffee is discussed and selected by a group of friends with passion for coffee. Now we have a reason to get together and sit down and have a good conversation. We all have a hectic live and this project drives us to spend more quality time together. Our main goal is to get friends / lovers / business partners together more often and create the possibility to have a good conversation over a perfect cup of coffee. 2. Unique Roasting Proces We work with the best Barrista's from Europe (amongst others; Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands) for creating the best cuppa. They have their own unique roasting ability. Certainly no mass production! We have tested and selected different Mélanges and Single Origins. Our main preferences are perfect aromas and full bodied flavors. Providing high quality coffee beans for smugglers prices. -we get you the best coffee-
  • What is so special about coffee from Colombia?
    The Colombian Connection One of the most important agriculture and export product of Colombia is Coffee. Colombia was already exporting this product in the midst of the 19th century. Now Colombia is the second biggest coffee producer in the world and they have a great reputation concerning coffee growing. They are well organized and professionals in doing so. In Colombia there is the big advantage of the Andes Mountain. This mountain provides a perfect microclimate were especially Arabica coffee beans have the best circumstances for being cultivated. Colombian beans are grown and harvested with great care, mostly manually, in ideal climatic conditions with plenty of sun, rain and a volcanic soil. This is noticeable if you look at our single origin coffee 'Cartagena'. Almost every bean has the same size, same crack and same color. If you open up the bag of beans, smell enticing aromas are being released. Another nice fact about this region is that the Colombian Andes bean can be harvested all year round. And so our Colombian coffee grower connection can harvest, by hand-picking, only the ripest beans… -we get you the best coffee-
  • What's the (price) difference between a good and a bad coffee bean?
    It is not easy to see what the differences are. The Arabica bean is a more delicate bean to grow. This bean is grown between the heights starting at 1200meter above sea level and up to even 2000meter. The Robusta bean can be grown in lower areas. Big mass production companies have created the A-Robusta plant. This plant is genetically manipulated. The Arabica is planted on top of the roots of a Robusta. The roasting process of a bean can be done slowly, or at high speed. We suggest that this should be done at low speed. Beans are evenly roasted and flavors remain within the bean. Also the cooling down should be done unsuppressed. Normally at a slow roasting process ethereal oils remain with the bean. To lower the costs less quality beans are being roasted at high speed and imitation ethereal oils are added afterwards. We only work together with preselected and small roasting companies to assure high quality coffees. -we get you the best coffee-
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